History of the hotel


    St. Danilov monastery is the oldest in Moscow, it was founded at the end of the XIII century by St. Daniel of Moscow – the youngest son of Prince Alexander Nevsky. In the 1930s, the monastery was devastated, churches were devastated and rebuilt, and the Danilov necropolis was destroyed. On the territory of the monastery there was a children's colony and warehouses.

    In 1983, the monastery was again transferred to the Moscow Patriarchate. In 1988, the main celebrations dedicated to the 1000th anniversary of the Christeningof Russia were held here. Now the monastery returned to the appearance, historically formed in the XVII-XIX centuries. The oldest of the temples of the monastery-the temple of the Holy Fathers of The seven Ecumenical cathedrals — is a complex structure that includes several churches. After restoration the iconostasis of the Kostroma school of the XVII century is installed in the temple. On the ground floor is the Church of the Intercession of the blessed virgin. The majestic Trinity Cathedral is the largest temple of the monastery. Built in 1838 by architect O. Bove in the style of late Russian classicism. After the restoration, the interior of the Cathedral is recreated in a form close to the original.

    In the temples of the monastery there are many relics, including relics of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, St. Nicholas, St. Spyridon, St. Matrona of Moscow and other saints.

    In 1991, a modern hotel complex named "Danilovsky"was built in the protected area of the monastery to receive guests from all over the world. The presence of a comfortable hotel with beautiful and cozy rooms, a spacious conference room, Banquet halls and a restaurant allows you to organize high-level events here, including international business conferences, clergy meetings and much more.