Our guests will be pleasantly surprised by a chic restaurant located on the second floor of the hotel. Here you will be offered dishes of classic Russian cuisine, as well as delicious drinks created according to recipes that were taken from ancient monastic books. For example, headydrinks "Medoc "Boyarishnya" and "Honey Monastery", which chefs cook according to the ancient recipe of the times of Ivan Grozny, as well as "Pryagenoe" and "Ushnoe" (the names which came from Ancient Russia). You can taste stuffed pig, goose with apples and other poultry dishes, with the addition of dried apricots, prunes, vegetables. A pleasant addition to the meal is a variety of pastries of our restaurant: pies with meat, cabbage, mushrooms, cranberries and apple, as well as pancakes with caviar, cottage cheese and other stuffing. According to your order, our chefs will prepare a delicious cake suitable for any occasion. Each such confectionery can be rightly called a masterpiece of culinary art.


In our restaurant there are several luxurious halls of different capacity, each of which is elegantly decorated in its unique style – Gold, Silver, Malachite and St. George's. Here we can organize a solemn meal for you and your guests in honor of any event: wedding, anniversary, prom, corporate event, meeting classmates, etc. A wonderful view of the hotel Park and Danilov monastery opens from the windows of all rooms, and the interiors are decorated with fresh flowers. Our experts will additionally decorate the hall in honor of any event in accordance with your wishes. Soothing quiet music complements the intimate atmosphere of our restaurant.


Every morning our chefs prepare a buffet Breakfast for you, which offers a wide variety of dishes. If you fast, follow a diet or have other special preferences – report about it at check-in, and we will develop the menu especially for you! However, the best examples of our culinary art are already included in the menu of the refectory.


If you fast, you can be calm: our chefs will prepare any dish, including the old monastery recipes, and it will certainly be delicious. For the youngest guests we offer a children's menu with characters from favorite fairy tales with treats – ice cream, as well as cakes and pies prepared by our confectioners.